I have always hated #metoo. The hashtag that is, not the movement. I felt it lacked the anger and power the movement deserved. I wanted it to be called #heyyou. Well actually, I wanted it to be called #oiyoufuckers but #heyyou seemed more PG rated. The problem I have with #metoo is that, to me,... Continue Reading →

I’ve Seen a Rock Before…

We had an hour until check out time. Giant was packing his bag with army precision, swiftly folding tops and placing them neatly in his bag. I was laying on the crumpled bed messaging a friend, and had managed to move my gear into a relatively ordered pile to sort through at some point. ‘I... Continue Reading →

A Mystifying Massage in Sri Lanka

He sat directly opposite us, his shirtless and sarong-ed figure on display as if we were viewing some sort of Ron Mueck sculpture. His belly was bloated like a man who needed to get his stomach drained after years of alcohol abuse, and his breasts laid on top like two pancakes resting on a basketball,... Continue Reading →

The Great Darwin Croc Hunt

One morning in August 2016 I was sitting at my desk at work, and I thought to myself 'f**k this s**t, I need a holiday!' (okay, I think this most days but I only occasionally act on it). I’d recently broke up with someone, and wanted to escape for a few days/forever/into a giant hole... Continue Reading →

Living Like a Mongol: The Finale

For part one click here. Part two click here The following morning the group whiled away the time idly before we needed to get back on the demon horses. There was an air of apprehension after Michael's fall yesterday, however since I felt that every time I hopped on a horse, it wasn't too much... Continue Reading →

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