Fortune cookies between the pages

Sometimes the smallest sentiment can mean the world to you. Sometimes it’s not the biggest gestures that make the most impact. Sometimes it’s that inkling of magic in the world that can turn a grey day into brightness. Sometimes the soul can be lifted by the tiniest hint of whimsy.  Sometimes you see a shooting star and make a wish, despite all scepticism. Sometimes it’s these small moments when the rational mind takes a back seat that you can truly see the magic of life.

I personally love the idea that there is some sort of magic out there in the world, and that  from time to time the universe  can’t help but send us a smile or a moment of unexpected enchantment. And perhaps, occasionally the universe might need a little helping hand. That’s why I decided to create some charming fortune cookie cards that would hopefully lift someone’s spirits, even if only for a microsecond.


A few sheets of coloured card, a couple of ribbon rounds, and some shiny pens later, and I had cut and pasted myself a scattering of pretty as punch positive affirmation fortune cards. The next day I set off for the Brisbane City Library  to distribute my cards into the pages of various suitable books that would hopefully, at some point, reach unsuspecting  readers and perhaps put a smile on their faces.


I will probably never know whether I succeeded in making someone’s day but that’s okay. Even if I only reached one person it doesn’t matter, it’s delightful to think that these positive thoughts are floating around amongst the inked pages, patiently waiting to give someone a pleasant surprise.



4 thoughts on “Fortune cookies between the pages

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  1. What a brilliant idea. But why stop there? How about leaving them also in other unexpected places, like on the bus or a restaurant table etc….. 😉


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